25 random things about me

25 random things about me you may or may not know.

1. I love kids, don’t have any but love them.
2. I am the oldest of two kids.
3. I want a puppy really bad!
4. My heart lives in the mountains
5. I am a passionate big dreamer
6. I love people and try to love them well
7. I am short and I like it that way
8. To me faith is a verb
9. I was made special on purpose, not by accident. Being different is a blessing to me.
10. I am proud to be a small town country girl
11. I love God and am not ashamed to say so
12. I love to write poetry.
13. I can be brutally honest.
14. One day I want to build a school for people who need more than a public school can provide.
15. Want to have a log cabin someday
16. I have the heart of a writer
17. i love being able to put into words things others can’t
18. My friends are the best people in the world. I am extremely blessed. God really knows how to pick em’
19. I hate pity, so if you can’t love me as is, don’t bother
20. everyday is a learning experience for me
21. I love that I don’t have to understand God or what he’s doing to be a part of it!
22. Don’t mess with the people I love if you don’t want to have to deal with me.
23. I love to dance!! Dancing is awesome! Even if you don’t do it well…Ask my college buds, love y’all ❤
24. I am a sorority girl! just call me smiley:-) Unity Unity Unity shaboom ALPHA DELTA, Sisters in Christ
25. Freedom is on the back of a horse =) One day I’ll have one!! 4 good legs


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