Don’t worry, Be Happy

This is from our retreat this weekend. One of my fellow youth leaders was inspired with this outline. I hope it blesses you


Don’t worry, Be Happy

Hope Luke 18:35-42

  • God always rewards hope in Him

Attitude Numbers 13:25-29

  • Attitude is personal a choice
  • My reaction or response is my choice alone
  • Do you choose to be a victim?
  • You can either be a victim (little v) or you and God can be Victorious (Big V)

Prayer Philippians 4:6

  • Prayer brings peace and contentment
  • Prayer whatever the circumstances may be

Purpose Esther 4: 13-17

  • God’s purpose in your life; finding and fulfilling it
  • Must be willing to risk and not fear failure
  • When we are out of our comfort zones we must lean on God

Yes, you Isaiah 26:8

  • You must say yes for yourself

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