The Randomness of my life

The Randomness of my life:

Many of my favorite people are very different from me
I am a daddy’s girl to the core
the simplest are often the most beautiful to me like a beautiful mountain or a child’s laugh
I will be a published writer one day
I can walk unassisted in water
I love days where I do not have to do anything but have the freedom to do anything
Kids always make me smile 🙂
I love to sing but only to the kids in the nursery at church
I love the unexpected blessings in life
I have a special place in my heart for people who are different
Some of my best memories are unexpected adventures
I love Jesus and my Blackberry
I can’t do a lot of things but there are many things I do well
I love to do random things to show people I care
I will always miss the man I called Grandpa
I have had 2 best friends die in my 27 yrs on the plant
I have had 11 surgeries in 27 years
I tend to get attached to the people I care about
I feel closest to Heaven in the mountains
To me love is unconditional
I am extremely old fashioned about certain things
I am a daughter and a sister
I have lived in the same place for most of my life
I have a cat that acts like a person
One day I will get my heart’s desire


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