No this is not for me. Most if not all of my readers know that I am single, if you didn’t now you do. This is my younger brother and his fiancee’s story. Hope you enjoy reading a small part of their story.

My brother and his fiancee Katelyn are in the Crate and Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest. If after read this you want to vote for them. Please feel free to. The link is at the end of this blog.

Thank you

Our love story.

They say it cannot be done, but we’re going against the odds! We’re highschool sweet hearts, but our story started long before that. From sharing toys in the nursery, to show choir in middle school, our story was beginning, and we didn’t even know it. Katelyn was my best friend, everything about us just made sense. So we made it official her freshman year and before I knew it, I was leaving her to go to college. 7 years have flown by, but I put a ring on it and we’re getting married!

Three important details about our Ultimate Wedding.

Katelyn here! Being that I’m a wedding photographer means it’s all about the DETAILS! Our theme is Vintage Peacock and the day will be full of teals, browns, greens and even antique birdcages! Obviously we HAVE to have an amazing photographer and so the fabulous JASMINE STAR will be capturing our day! (Amazing photography is worth a chunk of the budget!) Because we have a lifetime of friends attending our celebration, the reception will be under a 6,000sqft, illuminated tent, settled in a country field behind my home! These are the dream details for our day!

Our everyday dream day.

Michael loves working with teenagers! Serving alongside him in the youth ministry at our church, followed by sharing the “Tour of Italy” at Olive Garden and finishing the night watching “The Proposal.” (No pun intended!) Katelyn gets energy from capturing a bride on her special day and I want to be right beside her with camera in hand. After a full day of pictures, being able to come home, lie on the couch and watch seasons of “LOST” would be ideal.


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