change is possible

This post is written mainly to encourage the readers who like me happen to be, or have the incredible pleasure of loving a person with a disability.  Hint: If you know and/or love me, I hope that statement applies to you.

Regardless of the journey God has given each of us, we all know that change time, the key is perseverance. The article below is an excellent illustration of that.

I don’t know about the man in the article, but I know for myself, that I am blessed because God has taught me perseverance, through the “condition” I have called disability (Romans 5:3-4).  I am not saying I don’t get frustrated by my limitations at times, but who doesn’t.  I am continually learning that it is what I do with my frustrations or limitations that really matters.  As I see it, I have two choices, I can choose to stay limited and bound.  Choice number two, use my life to demonstrate that God has a plan for each of us (Jeremiah 29:11). 

My challenge to each of us, is what choice will you make? When change does not come in our timing, will you, persevere, or will you give up before change comes?

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