From Bully To Blessing

God had a different story planned for me from the beginning, I was born 2 months early, I was supposed to be born in February but I came into the world in December of 1981.  Yet, my parents weren’t told I had a disability until I was almost 2 years old.  The doctors told my parents that I probably would never do anything.  Little did the doctors know God had more planned for me than they could ever imagine….
No I’m not going to tell you that God miraculously took away all my disabilities, even though I firmly believe He could have had that been His will for my life. What He has done throughout my life is use my condition to teach me and others around me about Him. 
From a very young age I realized God had made outwardly different than many of my friends.  Although I was never told that I could not do the things my friends were doing.  My family always instilled in me that with God’s help I could find a way to do anything I wanted.  I always believed that without much questioning because I had seen it come true multiple times. 
When I started middle school though that is when I began to question what I had always known to be true.  I am not saying that I didn’t believe the things I knew to be true about my faith.  So what had changed you might ask? Who I looked to define myself is what changed.  My peers were becoming vocal about who I was and what differences made me.  I mean what teenager wants to stick out, and here I was with differences I had no way to hide.  There were multiple times that I came home from school and ended up crying because of the things my peers said about me.
What I didn’t realize at the time was God was already working in this situation.  You see, there was a group of girls that I thought were new friends, when in reality, they were secretly making fun of me. I felt hurt, betrayed, and unsure whom to trust. Thankfully, my dad reminded that God was right there with me and I could kill them with kindness.   
The next year in Spanish class I was paired with one of the girls that used to torment me.  At first, I was afraid to trust her but over time we became good friends. It turned out that her so-called “friends” that she was helping torment me did not want anything to do with her anymore.  So, we became best friends and she became one of my biggest advocates. How did that happen?  It happened because God told me to be consistent with her as He worked on both of our hearts.  This reminds me that, “God works out all things for the good of those who love Him.” (Romans 8:28)
I praise God that He is able two girls who were so opposite and make them into lifelong friends.  The part that I love most about this part of my God story is I was blessed to be able to lead my sister/friend back to Christ before she died.

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