The Sixth S

Last Wednesday as I mentioned in my previous post I volunteered at an event called Silver Ring Thing.  If you have no idea what I am talking about I would encourage you to read my post from last Thursday called Sarah S’s.  If you find you like reading my blog, I would encourage you to check back here each Thursday night as that is when I have been updating my blog recently as a part of Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Study series on Stressed Less Living by Tracie Miles.  If you would like more information on any of the things I have talked about so far, please feel free to comment and ask me, I love feedback :).

   This is a continuation of the Sarah’s S’s post.  This is one of the S’s and “God Moments I forgot to  mention.  It is another S, I call it Sharing.  When I volunteer at youth events, such as Silver Ring Thing, I  have kind of expect to have a “God Moment” with the teens or parents who attend.  This year, however, God opened a door for me to share in a place I didn’t expect.  I was sitting in the lobby talking to some of the volunteers I knew, when I started talking about the Bible study I was doing.  As I was describing it, one of the volunteers I did not know said,  “I sure could use some of that”.  So I told her more about Proverbs 31 ministries and gave her the website.  That night I was reminded that I never know when God will give me an opportunity to share what He is doing in my life and bless others as well.

It is my prayer that I will see and seize the opportunities to share He is giving me.  Even though I know I won’t always see and seize these opportunities.  I pray that as I continue to grow in my faith, that my eyes will be more open to the things God is doing, so that I can seize the opportunities He puts in my path.

I pray these things for you as well.  That your eyes would be open so you can see the opportunities and blessings in your lives each day.

Love and Prayers,



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