Counting my blessings instead of stressing

                        Here I am again this week counting my blessings, it may seem silly to do this every week for the last 7 weeks or so.  For me though, it has been an important part of my current journey to a stressed less life.  I don’t know about you but I often get bogged down by life and need to be reminded that no matter what circumstances I am currently dealing with I am still one blessed gal.  I hope no one minds if I throw in some of my country girl words, I’m not sure if I will but sometimes my small town country girl talk comes out in my writing :-).
This week I’m going to use another letter of the alphabet.  Lets see if you can figure out which letter it is this week… I promise it won’t be hard to figure out :-).
·      Christ: I have recently realized again that I am so blessed to have the foundation of faith that I do.  With every thing that is happening in my life right now, I would not be able to see past these temporary inconveniences.  Especially when it seems that Satan is sitting right there trying to convince me that these temporary inconveniences will not pass.  That is when God often reminds me of one the phrases Mrs. Joines used to tell me often, “Sarah, this didn’t come to stay, it came to pass”.  I am so thankful that through Christ ‘s death on the cross, I have assurance that all these stressors are temporary (John 16:33).
·      Camp: When I was younger until I was 18 or so I went to camp every summer. You might be wondering how camp could be a blessing? Well I will tell you; at about the age of ten until 18 I went to Camp Easter Seal East.  That may not sound like much, but for a child with a disability it was big.  You see, before I went to camp I do not remember ever going anywhere without someone I knew already.  It was there at camp I first began to be truly independent and just as important I think, if not more so, that being independent was a real, possibility for me. I am so blessed that the local junior women’s club suggested sponsoring me that first year and that my parents supported my love for being there for multiple summers after some crocodile tears that first year.
·      Cheerleaders: I am such a fortunate young woman to have so many cheerleaders.  And no I don’t mean the kind that stand on the sidelines of a game, hehehe  :).  Although I have had them cheer me on as I journey through this life.  One of the things I love about my cheerleaders is how different each one is.  That blesses me because each one sees life and me differently. So each one calls out gifts in me and blesses me in different ways. I wonder if any of us has thanked the cheerleaders in our lives recently? I know I haven’t done it nearly enough. So thank you dear sisters for cheering and praying for me :-).  It means so much to me! A special shout to my Group 28 sisters and our awesome leader Kristy!! I love ya’ll so much!
·          Changes: This one is a big praise for me.  By nature, change tends to completely freak me out and cause to stress a lot.  It is praise for me for two reasons.  God is helping me to begin see change differently, so that it does not cause me to stress nearly as much.  I believe there are some positive changes coming in my life as well.  Praise God for changes in and around me.
·      Choices: I feel extremely fortunate to have the ability to make choices for myself.  I mean isn’t it awesome that God doesn’t force any of us to choose to love and follow Him? Do you like to feel forced to do anything? I know don’t. That’s one reason I love that God allows me to choose Him because when I follow Him it is out of love for Him not obligation.  I am grateful that God is helping me put things in place so that I will be able to make my own choices in the future.  God is so good!
So did you figure out the letter for this week? My final question for today is when was the last time you thanked the cheerleaders in your life?
Until next time,
May God bless and keep you

6 thoughts on “Counting my blessings instead of stressing

  1. prophetstar says:

    I will always be a cheerleader

    0ne of my biggest blessings for this week
    has been my friendships,especially our girls night,even if it ended up with me “a little punchy”

    Love ya so much

  2. livng4him81 says:

    Oh my dear Rachel when hasn't a girls night ended with one of the three of us being punchy. it was one of my blessings as well. I mentioned it in last Thursday's post too.

    Love ya too

  3. tristinebarry says:

    Sarah, I so love to hear about your blessings and positive outlook. I love the originality of the post, with meters beginning with C. I do have some cheer leaders and thank them all the time. God IS so good. Keep posting girl. You are rocking.

    Love to you from your FB group,


  4. Missindeedy says:

    Sarah, each week your blessings list makes me smile so wide. This list of C letter blessings is an inspiration to keep our eyes on the beauty that God puts into our lives. I was really struck by your blessing of choices. Is IS such a gift to have the choice to love God – that he doesn't force us to follow Him is indeed a blessing! Your posts are always such an encouragement to me.

  5. livng4himonly81 says:

    Thank you Tristine for your continued encouragement :). It means so much to me :). You rock too!! The C idea God gave we last week and I could hardly wait to post this week. God is indeed good!!

    Love in Christ,


  6. On a Journey says:

    I loved your listing of blessings C. —— it is great having the support of others in the good and bad, to lift you up in prayer and support your cheerleaders. Thanks for sharing.

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