Very blessed

This week’s blog of blessings is going to be a little different than my previous posts.  I’m going to tell you some of the awesome adventures that I will be involved in the near future.  While I am doing this, I am going to attempt to demonstrate how each one is a blessing.  Let’s see how observant you all are…Can you see the letter pattern this week?
An adventure just started yesterday.  Yesterday my parents and I went to meet with someone who is going to help us plan for my future.  This is a victorythat God has truly blessed me with. You may be wondering how is that a victory?  Have you ever tried to get multiple people to agree something before? I doubt it was very easy.  That is why I know it was a blessing from God because we are all open to each other’s concerns and questions. Yes. This is a small victoryand thisadventure is far from finished, but God taught me a while to celebrate each victory no matter the size.
            Vacationwill be my next adventure.  It is a blessing in that I will have more time to rest and volunteer.   Rest as we all know can be hard to find.  Harder still to come by is time.  This is why vacation is such a blessing to me, because in the summer I have more time to volunteer. My favorite things to volunteerfor on my summer vacation are Vacation Bible School and missions trips.  Vacation Bible School blesses me because there is nothing better to me than watching a child eyes light up when he/she is able to recite the day’s memory verse.  Mission trips always tend to bless with at the very least a change in perspective. 
         The last of my adventures for this post are some that have surprised me.  I don’t know about you, but I often see my life and myself as ordinary.  I do not think I would be going out on a limb in saying that I am not the only one who feels that way.  So, when God began to bless me with a vision that was greater than I was ever able to imagine.  I wondered how or if that would even happen. Then, He started to teach me how to use my voice and vision for my life for His glory.    This bigger God vision has blessed me by helping me to see again no matter how limited I may look to the world He doesn’t see that way.   He sees me as sees each of us, as His daughter/son who He uniquely created, with her/his own voice/story to share with those around us.
It is my prayer that each of us remembers that God can use us no matter what our limitations.  I pray that we all celebrate each one of victories God gives us no matter the size.   

6 thoughts on “Very blessed

  1. says:

    Sarah – your love for volunteering and for missions is precious. And, given how you touch others through your volunteering, I can't wait to see how God uses this vision that He has given to you to touch even more. Your posts leave me full of joy, Sarah.

  2. Unknown says:

    That was beautiful. You are so encouraging and such an inspiration to us all. We are absolutely blessed to have you in our group.

    Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader)

  3. Everyday Dealings says:

    Sarah, I love your rendition on blessings this week. I will also be volunteering at aVBS this summer. Remember to keep your eyes on God and before you know it your vision will become reality.

    Amanda Gibson, OBS FB leader

  4. livng4himonly81 says:


    Thank you so much for the encouragement and reminder. You are absolutely right. It is when I take my off of God and begin doing things my way that things start going wrong.

  5. livng4himonly81 says:

    Thank you sweet Kristy. It is all God working in and through me because without Him I am sure I would not perspective that I do on anything. I am so incredibly blessed 🙂

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