Unexpected blessings

Here we are again focusing on the blessings in life.  I don’t know about you, but I often find that my blessings come from places and in times that I would least expect. So this week’s post is going to be about blessings I received when I least expected it.
·      Reconnection: In the past week or so God has helped me reconnect with people from my past. It has been such blessings to see how God’s plan is unfolding in each person’s life since the last time were together.  God amazes me! I love how He weaves our lives together and brings us back together in His perfect timing.  These reconnections have inspired me to begin to reach out to others that I have lost touch with over the years.
·      Shared Experiences: Have you ever found that you felt blessed when you realized you weren’t the only one struggling with a situation?  I have. Especially when I am going through a difficult time in my life.  There is a certain kinship when I know the person I am sharing my situation with truly knows what I am going through.  Which is a God moment because He always places or I already have someone in my life that blesses me this way.
·      Influence: I have said it before and I will say it again, I think it is amazing that God uses an ordinary person like me to influence the lives of others. I know people have told me that I am an inspiration because of the obstacles I have overcome in life, and I praise God that He has been able to use me to inspire others.  The truth is though each of us can be an inspiration.  How you may ask?
      1.         By letting God use you

2.         Sharing your God story with others

3.         Being a reflection of whom and what you believe in, in every part of your life.

 The list above are just a few of the ways to be an inspiration, if you know of any more I would love to hear them.  Please share them with me :).
·      Perspective: When this study of Stressed less living started, I thought I a great perspective.  Little did I realize how much my perspective had shifted.  No. I had not run away from God entirely, but I had let my temporary circumstances take my focus off of where it should have been, on God. That is why I am so grateful for studies like Stressed Less Living; it gave me an opportunity to get my focus back on track.  Thank you again for all the support and encouragement along this journey.
·      Forever: As I am sitting here finishing my final list of blessings post for this study, I must admit I am sad to see it end.  Then, I thought of an older Christian song by Michael W. Smith.  That said, “friends are friends forever, if the Lord’s the Lord of them”.  That blesses my heart because it reminds that no matter where God’s plan takes us, we will always be connected through Christ.
In closing, I thank all of you for the blessing you have been in my life. I hope that I have a blessing in yours as well.
Love and Prayers,
Sarah 🙂

5 thoughts on “Unexpected blessings

  1. tristinebarry says:

    Sarah, what an incredible post. You ARE such an inspiration. I love what you wrote, ” There is a certain kinship when I know the person I am sharing my situation with truly knows what I am going through. Which is a God moment because He always places or I already have someone in my life that blesses me this way.” Oh so true.

    Sarah, you are such an inspiration and I am so happy God brought us together. You are a very sweet and very STRONG Sister in Christ. I am blessed to read your blog. I love all the butterflies and how you gave us a song today. Keep up the fabulous work. I hope you choose to do the next study, but if not, let's keep in touch through our blogs.

  2. livng4himonly81 says:


    The timing of your comment couldn't have been better. That's a God moment as well. He knew I needed to be reminded of who I am in Him. Thank you for letting God use you to myself as well as others.

    I am so glad that God brought us together as well. I am signed up for the “gap study” as well as when women say yes to God. So I will be around for the near future as least, unless God decides otherwise. You can contact through Facebook or my cell number which is on my profile, if you would like.

    Hugs and Prayers

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