Hands and Feet

Tomorrow, I will be sent off as part of a mission team to Nashville, Tennessee. I am super excited to see what God is doing in Nashville, and to see how God will use our team to further His work there. Please pray for us as we go that we will each be used God this week.
            This has been on my heart today, so I thought I’d share before I leave my computer behind.  Someone recently asked me, ” Sarah, why go approximately 13 hours to do mission work?  The answer is to be God’s hands and feet.    What does it look to be God’s hands and feet? The answer is it depends.  On what you might ask?  On who God created you to be.  For some, being God’s hands and feet might be encouraging someone who is going through a difficult time.  Another person could be His hands and feet by helping people find things they need at a local clothes closet or food pantry.  It may even be something as simple as smiling at someone as they go by in Wal-Mart, can you tell where I was today? :).
So why am I going to Nashville tomorrow? The reason is I feel God has called me to go. So out of love for and obedience to Him I am going.  I chose to yes to God when He called me.  My question to you, will you? Will you say yes to God when He calls you to do something? Whether it is right in your neighborhood or somewhere else, will you be obedient to God’s call?
Before you go away thinking I am always obedient to God.  I am not. I am as imperfect and stubborn as anybody.  I have often thought God could not use me right now. I am so glad I am to be able to say with confidence, that can God and will use you, you just have to be willing to be used by Him.
I have no idea how God is going to use me this week.  But I ask again, that you will pray that God will use my fellow team members and me this week.  At the end of this post I am putting a music video.  It is my prayer that as you watch this video, you will do several things:
1.     Pray for the Nashville Tennessee M-Fuge Team
2.     You ask God if there is a way that you could His hands and feet in the next several days.
3.     If God reveals something to you that you will be obedient to His call.
Have a great week everyone
Love and Prayers,

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