Lessons Learned Lately

In my previous blog I talked about going on a mission trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  I came back from Tennessee and went right into Vacation Bible School at my home church.  I could easily give you a lengthy list of blessings from these two adventures, and maybe one day soon I will.  However, that is not God has laid on my heart tonight.  Tonight, I am going to blog about some lessons God has been teaching me lately.  I promise I did not do this on purpose, but once again God has used words that begin with the same letter to continue to teach and grow me into who He created me to be.

Recently, someone said to me, “When I see the world through your eyes I get frustrated”.   It is true that having the limitations that I do can be extremely frustrating, and I would be lying if I said I was not frustrated at times.  One of the lessons God has been teaching me again. I don’t know if your like me or not, but sometimes I need to be reminded or work through things God has taught me in the past again.  The lesson God has impressed upon me regarding frustration is each one of us has a choice.  Each time we encounter a frustrating situation we have a choice to make.   Either we can let frustration hold us back from experiencing what is God has for us, or we can let go of our frustrations, and take hold of the wonderful gifts God has for each of our lives.   When I think about this choice I think of Martha who was so frustrated that her sister was not helping her that you missed out on spending time with Jesus (Luke 10:40-42, NIV).

God is teaching me that all too often I am like Martha because I let my frustration take my focus off of the things of God.  I don’t know about you but I find it easier to focus on God when God is my only focus.  For example, it was easier for me to focus on my quiet time and serving others when I was on a mission trip in Nashville Tennessee.   Not long after my return home, I found that it was hard to focus on God like I did in Tennessee.  So I started asking myself, why can’t I focus on God at home as well as I did in Tennessee? One answer that I kept coming up with is that I let my self be distracted much like Martha.  Now don’t get me wrong many of the things I was doing were good, but I was still letting myself be distracted from spending time at the feet of Jesus.

I have found when my focus is off something else happens as well. What happens you may ask? It is harder for me to follow.  What do I mean by that? When I let my focus drift away from the truths in God’s Word and His truth about me, as a child of the Most High God, It is much easier to believe the lies that Devil tries to convince me are true.  So again, there is a choice to be made. Am I going to believe the lies that the Devil tries to feed me and be led away from the voice of truth, or am I going to believe the voice of truth and what God says about me? Who do I truly believe in and follow? I can’t speak for anyone else but I am going to continue believe in and follow God.  He is the one who created, defines, and reminds me who I truly am and out of love for Him I follow.

As I close this post, I have a few questions for all of us:

  • Are you like me and have let something get in the way of spending time with and focusing on God?  What can we do to keep these hurdles from impeding our relationship with God? Is it possible to turn these frustrations into motivation? I have often found that when I am frustrated it makes me fight harder/motivates me not let Satan take hold of my mind away from the things that actually true, not the lies He tries to make me believe (Philippians 4:8 The Message).
  • Is your focus being diverted away from God? Is there a small step you can take to begin making a change and draw closer to God? Every journey begins with a step.
  • Who or what are you following? Is who or what you are following helping or hurting you? If it is hurting you instead of lifting you up and making you into the person you were created to be, maybe it’s time to find something/someone else to follow.  There is someone who has and always will love you, no matter what. If you don’t know whom I am talking about I would love to talk to you about Him.  Even if you don’t want to talk

It is my prayer that we all, myself included, make more right, uplifting choices each day so that each of us becomes who we are created to be.  Because I don’t know about you, but for me all of this comes down to choice.  How I view and deal with my frustrations, where I put my focus, and who/what I choose to follow is a choice.

I have to confess I am far from perfect, and I too listen to the untruths in my head far too often. So please do not think I am not speaking to myself as well here because I am.   My hope/purpose for creating and sharing on this blog is that we will all learn/grow together as we are on this journey called life.


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