Seeking Him First…


Throughout the past six weeks as I have been participating in this #YesToGod study, there has been one verse that God kept bringing to my heart and mind.  What verse is that, you might ask? It is Matthew 6:33, which says, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will given to you as well.”

What has Matthew 6:33 have to do with me saying to God? It has a lot to do with it actually. Through this study, God has helped me to realize that I have all to often allowed doubt and worry to dictate whether I say yes to God or not.  Doubts like, ” What if I share what God is calling me to do something that others don’t understand?”  In my heart I’d feel God saying, “Whose approval are you seeking, daughter? Mine or theirs?  Then I’d come up with a response, “But God, I am going to need help to accomplish what you are asking me to do.”  “Seek me first, daughter, and all need will given to you.”

This led me to make the decision to say yes to God by committing to seek God first.  When the doubts creep in and the worry tries to get my focus off of God again  You may be thinking Sarah that’s an awesome idea, but I have no idea how to even begin doing something like that…

Maybe you’ve thought about saying yes to God in an area of your life as well, but are afraid you won’t be able to say yes to God by taking a big step in obedience. That’s why I love this Lysa TerKeurst quote. Lysa says, “Simply start and start simply” (What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, page 27).   That idea is very freeing because I am  reminded that I do  not need to take huge steps of obedience to begin actively seeking God first. So I started with a small step of obedience.

What is that small step have I taken to begin seeking God first? I have started getting up earlier in the morning to spend time with God. This helps me put my focus on God as I start my day.  I have to admit that at first, it was hard for me to give up the sleep I was losing by getting up earlier. Each day that I am obedient it becomes easier to do it the next day.

Do you want to know something awesome? The more I spend time with and listen to God’s voice, the more I desire to spend time with Him. When I think that all it took for me to be closer to God than I have been in awhile, there is only one word to describe it, #amazed.  God is so Good!

Before I share what has become my theme song during the “What Happens When Say Yes to God study, It is important to me that you understand something.  I do not share about my Yes to God journey to show off. I am an imperfect, broken person like every other person on this planet.  My hope is that if you are considering or have said yes to God, that what I have shared will encourage you.

Thank you for taking time to visit and read my blog.




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