Another step in this journey

So here we are again, it’s Wednesday!! You know what that means, don’t you? Yes.  the obvious is Hump Day, the day that after it ,the week will be on the downward slide.  To me it means the day before one of my favorite days of the week…Blog Hop Day I have to tell you guys this has been let’s just say…interesting.  So I was relieved when one of the blog hop topics for this week, involved writing a song or poem. I thought oh yay! That will be an easy one, I mean I love writing poems.  Though I still love writing poetry.  When God started speaking His truth to me, I suddenly found myself looking at my screen through a sheen of tears.  I am so thankful that I am “His Priceless Daughter through His Unfailing Love”.  I hope you will come back tomorrow to see what it means to be made “His Priceless Daughter because of His Unfailing Love”

See you back here tomorrow



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