Made His Priceless Daughter through His Unfailing Love

“His Priceless Daughter”

When I feel like I just don’t fit,

And I feel like I want to quit,

Your hand reaches down and raises me out of that pit,

You say, “Come priceless daughter, come and sit.”

“Come and sit with me, together we will be.”

“Learn the truth about yourself, that you can only learn from me.”

Daddy, what if I begin to doubt?

When you begin to doubt,

Remember darling daughter; you were bought at a high price,

By an unblemished sacrifice,

Let this perfect gift of love cast every doubt out (1 John 4:18).

But daddy, what if I begin to fear?

Your voice I can no longer seem to hear,

Precious daughter, there is no need to fear,

For any time you need me I will be here.

Daddy, what if no one loves me?

You my beautiful daughter will never have to wonder if you are loved,

You will always have my unfailing love,

My gift to you sent from above.

But dearest daddy, what if I am not worth all of this?

Beloved, even if you had been the only one saved,

My One and Only Son I would have still gave (John 3:16).

Why daddy? Because you my daughter were always a part of my plan, (Psalm 139:13)

Since the beginning of man (John 1:1-3)

Daddy, what if I can’t do, what you call me to?

Do not worry daughter, I will equip you (Philippians 4:6).

I would never ask anything of you, that you and I could not do (2 Corinthians 12:9),

Because this too, is part of my unfailing love for you

I share this with a little nervousness, not because I question whether God wants to share it.  I know He does.  My nervousness comes because I have not written a poem for a while.  However, this one seemed to flow out of me and onto the screen.  Only me writing it? I don’t think so. Especially since I was looking at my screen with tears in my eyes.

I pray that you too are reminded that you are “His Priceless Daughter”.  If you are unfamiliar with any of the Scripture I put at the end of the sentences I would encourage you to look them up.  If you need any help, or just want tell me something, please leave me a comment.

Because of His Unfailing Love,


29 thoughts on “Made His Priceless Daughter through His Unfailing Love

  1. Jill Raymond says:

    I am in love with this! My sweet sister, God just did an amazing work through you. I hope you don’t mind if I keep a copy of this in my wallet or on my fridge or some where close by so that I can be reminded constantly of how my Father loves me. I must say – these words hit me the most: I would never ask anything of you, that you and I could not do. It just reminded me that I am NEVER alone! When I am going through anything, my Lord and Savior is always there beside me. THANK YOU, SARAH! You have blessed me beyond words today. You are such a blessing!

    • sarahalsop81 says:


      I am so glad that God was able to use the words He gave me to bless you. I would be honored for you to print the poem out. If you’d like I can send you the original document, so you can print it out. Your beautiful comment brought me to tears. Thank you so much sweet sister. You have blessed me as well.

      Love you sweet sister

  2. Jennifer says:

    Like Sarah said, I too loved how the when/then concept shone through in this work of art. I love reading poetry! Thank you for blessing us with this poem!

  3. Valerie says:

    This is awesome-I almost didn’t read this, but your picture had such an inviting smile-I don’t know if you’ve heard that a lot-and I just had to read it. It is a beautiful poem that I think is worth publishing!! 🙂

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