The Gift Of Rest

Today I am thankful for the gift of rest.  I am not just talking about sleep.  Although extra sleep is always a gift.  I have come to cherish extra sleep.  Especially now that I seem to be constantly on the go.  Now any day that I can get even five extra minutes of sleep is a gift.  To me rest is so much more than sleep though.

For me rest is a day like today.  A day where my life is not scheduled every minute of the day.  Hear me well, I love my job and serving others.  I have just come to realize that what I have once considered boring is a great gift.

It is amazing to me how as I grow older, my perspective changes. Like today, I spent the majority of my day, just spending time with God and reading.  There was a time when I would have seen days like today as a waste.  Now I see it as a true blessing from God.  It helps to refresh, refocus, and reframe my perspective before I begin a new work week.

Thank you God for the gift of rest and another day



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