My Furry Angels


My nephew puppy Bokeh giving me a high five

Today I am thankful for the furry angels in my life. The picture above is of me and my is my nephew puppy.  His name is Bokeh.  He belongs to my younger brother Michael and my sister-in-law Katelyn.  He is a bischpoo (which is a cross between a bischon frise and a poodle).  He brings so much joy and unconditional love into my life, even though he doesn’t belong to me.


Princess Josephine  My Pretty Kitty

Princess Josephine
My Pretty Kitty

From the day we brought Joey home, she and I have had a special bond.  Now that she is 10.5 years old, my mom says we act alike.   I am not sure that statement is true :).   She does sleep in some strange positions sometimes though and so do I :).

The thing I love most about both of these furry angels is no matter what I think or feel they still love me.  I can’t help but wonder if God gives us these furry angels as a reminder of His unconditional love for each of us.

Thank you God for the precious reminders of you that you place in each of our lives. May we all see them each day and give you the glory.

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