Always Learning

Verse Chaining of Romans 8:1

My thankfulness post for today has to do with the picture posted above.  So you may be wondering what that picture is of? Well I will tell you…Yesterday on the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study blog, I along with many of my OBS sisters were introduced to a new way to dig into scripture.  What is it you may ask? It is called verse chaining…

What is verse chaining? Instead of trying to explain it to you myself, here is the url to the study blog for yesterday  This blog post listed here,  contains instructions on how to do verse chaining.  Why am I including the study blog link? Just in case you would like to verse chain right along with me.

The reason I did not explain it myself is because I am still learning to do it myself, and could not explain it as well as Jennifer did on the P31 Online Bible Study Blog.

I love learning new things,  don’t you?

Did you learn anything new in the past few days?

Dear Lord,

Today, I thank for Proverbs 31 Ministries and the opportunities they provide to me and many other women worldwide.  I am so thankful you led me to this wonderful community.  It is my prayer that each of us always continues to learn and grow. Thank you for providing  a new way for me and many others to dig deeper into your word through verse chaining.   May we grow closer to you and each other.   Please bless everyone who reads my blog, whenever they read it.

In Jesus Name I pray,  Amen.


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