Unexpected Gifts

God reminded me again today how truly blessed beyond measure I am.  How am I blessed today? I am blessed to have some unexpected gifts in my life.  The people God has brought and continues to bring into my life just amaze me.

“The Unexpected Gift”

Dear God,

I thank you that we are not all the same,

Cause that would be unimaginative and lame,

That you loved each of us even before anyone had a name.

I am so incredibly thankful that your Son came.

So we could each have a relationship with You,

And with each other too.

Because without these two things we would only survive,

It is through relationships we thrive,

And often feel the most alive.

I praise you that no one ever has to walk this road alone,

All they need to do is make their need known.

And you, Father, will make sure their need is met,

Even if the answer has not come yet,

You will find a way to ensure they feel your love

You may send an unlikely blessing,

The person may not look like an angel from above.

But when you least expect it, that person will be there,

Just to show that they care.

Thank you Lord, for these unexpected gifts,

That always give my spirits a lift.

I simply call them friend,

But in reality, they are demonstrations of your love that has no end,


A special thank all the unexpected gifts in my life and for the unique to you blessings that each of you brings.

Love and Prayers,









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