Why are we holding back?

Holding You Back

Is there something holding you back?

What is this thing that is holding you back?

Is it something you lack?

Or maybe it is just that you are afraid to act.

Maybe it is a person or place you do not want to leave.

That kind of loss you would surely grieve.

You may find it hard to believe,

That there could be more out there,

If you could just find the courage to take that step of faith and leave.

Leave behind your comfort zone,

And the familiar for the unknown.

But part of you desperately wants to try,

Just this once to see if you really can fly,

To see the vastness of this unknown sky,

So again I ask why?

Why are you allowing yourself to be held back?

How much longer are you going to allow this to be,

When you could be out out there living your dream.

This is a poem I wrote some time ago.  Why am I sharing it now? God has recently been  asking me to let go of some  things I have been holding back.  Why you may ask? The reason is only then can I be who He created.  The me who has  #aconfidentheart and something special to offer.

I am so grateful that God can and does take away the doubts and insecurities that hold each of us back. You may not believe that God can do this yet, that is okay.  He still loves you right where you are.

Dear Lord,

I pray for anyone who reads my blog.  Remind him/her that you are there no matter what his/her current situation.   If there is something holding  any of us back , help us to trust you enough to give it to You. Thank you for freeing each of us from the things that hold us back because Only You can give true and lasting freedom  I thank you for the opportunity to share with and encourage others.  I love you Father and I pray that you continue to use me as I grow and have a more Confident Heart.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


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