From Molly B

It's Me, Molly B

It’s Me, Molly B

Hello there, everybody!

My name is Molly.

My sissy calls me Molly Golly.

I like to go outside to play and potty.

I’ve only live here since January.

The kitty who lives here with me is quite contrary.

She doesn’t like me at all,

When all I would like to do with her is play with my ball.

My sissy and I like to hangout,

Mostly on mom and daddy’s couch,

Especially when neither one of us can go out.

Sissy and I have a lot of fun,

The thing we like best is to run, and run, and run.

I know my sissy can’t play like other people do,

But that’s okay because I spend a lot of time on the floor too.

That makes her the easiest one to reach,

I don’t even have to really stretch.

That is why I do not like it when my sissy goes away,

But for some reason she has to do it every day.

She and daddy get in the car,

Although wherever they go must it must be far.

Because daddy usually comes back pretty fast,

Sometimes I get to go and that is a blast,

The people always smile and pet me as daddy walks past.

I love it when people come to visit,

It is so much fun,

Especially when my brother Bokeh comes,

We love to run, run, run.

Although I am not sure he likes it so much,

He looks at me like, “Go away, you silly little pooch.”

We love sleeping under the table together.

While our family plays a game,

Sometimes daddy tells jokes and some of them are kind of lame.

I’m hoping the next time Bokeh comes, we will get to play outside in the sunshine and beautiful weather.

Although I like the cold, wet snow,

Even though mommy and daddy don’t like to take me out when I have to go.

Mommy keeps saying it is time for the cold to go away,

But I like it when Sissy can stay home and play all day.

 Mommy when to somewhere warmer for awhile,

Sissy sends her pictures of me to make her smile.

I hope my mommy is having fun,

And that my cousin Kenzie will come visit sometime, so we can run.

It would fun to have another girl dog come and play.

Maybe I will be able to go visit Lucky again one day.

She is very nice to me,

The way my brother will someday be.

My Sissy keeps saying I need another bath,

Thats when I distract her and lead her down another path.

We start running around again,

First she fusses then she starts to grin.

Then we take a nap on the couch and cuddle.

I like to sleep on or near her head.

If I’m not there you will find me in my warm little bed.

If I’m missing just squeak a toy,

I will come out of my hiding place and jump for joy.

I hope you enjoyed my post today,

While my Sissy is sick and away.


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