What’s on my mind today…Trying Again

Today, I began a new writing challenge, it is called Writing 101. I know, I know I’ve tried this before. I know that I did not do very well with the my 500 words challenge.

Isn’t there a saying though, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.  I believe there is, so this is me trying again.  The last time I did not begin the challenge when everyone else did.  You see as I understand it, the my 500 words challenge was supposed to begin Jan. 1, 2014 and run until Jan. 31,2014.  Well I did not find out about it until months later.

I didn’t get in the ground floor of the last challenge, this time is different though.  Today is this first day of the this challenge…And here I go again.

Today our prompt was just to free write.  In case you don’t know what that means, free writing is when someone just writes whatever comes to her, without much thought about punctuation or anything.  As you may have already guessed, even my free writes are organized.  I can’t help it, it is just the way I am wired.

When I first saw the blog about this new writing challenge, I have to admit I was a bit hesitant.  Especially since I have never officially finished the my 500 words.  Then I thought, maybe I could finish the first challenge while completing this one as well.  I have done everything a bit differently my whole life, why should I expect a writing challenge to be any different.  I am the girl that was born two months early, and been setting my own pace ever since.  You heard me right, I am not giving up on the my 500 words challenge, I will finish it, soon, I think.

I know you maybe thinking, why would I keep trying to finish a challenge I began at least a month ago?  Well let me tell you, as long as keep trying then I have not failed because I have not quit.

I don’t know about you, but anytime I take on a challenge like this, or any challenge for that matter….Any time I don’t follow through with the commitment I made, there is a voice that whispers in my ear.  Do you know the voice I am talking about? That voice that says things like, ” See. I told you so. I told you, you could not do that….(fill in the dots with whatever the that is in your life”.  For example, one of mine might be, “See I told you so, Sarah.  I told you, you could never be a real writer, you can’t even complete a writing challenge.”

Wouldn’t ya just love to shut that voice in your head up?

Well guess what  friend, you can!! How you may ask? By trying again!! Try! Even when that voice in your head says, “Give up! You’ve tried this already”  Still Keep Trying!  Cause you know what friend, that voice in your head knows that you were created on and with a purpose.  That’s right friend, you were created to do awesome things, and that voice in your head doesn’t want you to, but you can!

So what do you say can we squash him today? I am going to, are you?


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