Reading the Labels Wrong Part 2:Purpose

Yesterday I promised there was more to the story.  So being true to word, here’s the rest of the story.

Just a quick recap of what it was first though:

  •  Shelving books….
  • Spine labels on library books..
  • Reading the labels spine labels correctly or not have to do with life or even God?
  • If your curious now, click here  to read yesterday’s post.

Yesterday I focused mostly on the topic of labels. Labels on library books as well as the labels we can put on others and ourselves.

However, if you go back and look, there was another reason why the labels on the spine of a book are important.  What was that again? 🙂 Oh yeah it was placement!! So what? What’s so important about the placement of a book on a shelf? The important part is that each book has a specific spot on a particular shelf where it belongs.  If a book is not where it belongs, then when a child wants to check it out, he/she may not be able to, unless someone in the library can find it.

Have you ever wondered why you were placed in a particular situation? Maybe you’ve even thought, God why did you allow this to happen to me?  I know I have..

I mean let’s just get real for a minute:

God allowed me to be born with physical limitations that would mean me having struggle through life in many ways.  So if God truly loves me, and friends He does so much!! Stick with me here, I have a point coming, I promise.  So if God truly loves me, why would He allow me to born that way?

What if…

  • God has a purpose for this, bigger than I could ever imagine (Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28). He does!! Does that mean He will make me someone famous, who will change the lives of many.  Maybe, maybe not.  At the moment, I am content to love on a bunch of children at work, while hopefully teaching them kindness and compassion for others by helping me with simple tasks like opening a heavy door.  I love them to pieces!!
  • One person sees people who are different in a new light.  Then it has more than one purpose.  Maybe just maybe someone will see that people who are different are more than a category. That would be amazing! You know why? If you begin to view people beyond his/her category/label, not only will you be releasing yourself from viewing him/her through that label, but the way you see others who are different will begin to change as well.
  • God has a specific purpose, for each of us.  Much like the library books have a very specific place.  Each one of us was created with a unique purpose.  A purpose that God had in mind even before we were born.  How amazing is that? That God already loved and had a purpose for each of us (Romans 5:8, Ephesians 2:10)

I hope that you are encouraged tonight

Good night, friend.




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