The God Without Limits…My Favorite Place

The writing prompt from one of the writing challenges asked if I could be anywhere where would I go.  My answer came to me almost instantly! If I could be anywhere right now, I would be in the mountains.  Why you may ask? My heart seems to live there. I know that may not make much sense to right now, keep reading, and I will try to explain.

Reasons my heart lives in the mountains:

  • My Grandpa: If you have read my blog before, you have probably read about him.  You see my grandpa lived in the mountains.  Now that he’s been deceased for quite awhile I seem to feel closer to him there.  Not because he is buried there.  I feel closer to him there because of the many amazing memories that we made there.  We both had a deep love for the mountains.
  • Bluefield College: It’s my alma mater, but it was so much more than that. It was one of the first places where I really had to take ownership of my relationship with Jesus.  Why was that? My parents weren’t there to make sure I went to church on Sunday or continued to grow in my faith.  It was all up to me!! I know what you might be thinking, uh oh, here comes the slacker moment.  While there were times when I did slack and sleep in Sunday,  I’d be lying if I told  you I didn’t.  The amazing part though was how free I felt. Free to explore what my relationship with Christ looks like.  I went to several different churches with different traditions.  What I found was God is God and Jesus is Jesus regardless. It freed me to worship God and grow in ways I had never experienced before.
  • All around: I can’t be in the mountains and not feel God’s presence.  From the sound of the bells of the chapel steeple chiming the hour, to the view from the scenic overlook near  campus.  I remember loving just going outside and sitting at one of the tables in the quad to study or write.  I love that God is always there no matter where I happen to be.  I love it when He displays Himself so clearly in nature.
  • Bonus, it is nestled in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia, between Virginia and West Virginia, which just happened to be in between both sets of my grandparents.  Yet another reason I love the mountains so much!!

These are just a few reasons why I love the mountains.  I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.


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