Five Minute Friday: Gathering and Taking Brave Steps

I have not blogged in a while, I don’t even know really why. I tell people that I don’t have the energy to do it, truthfully that is only part of the of the reason. I love to write but, I started blogging regularly when Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies offered a weekly blog hop.  Until I found the Proverbs 31 community I hadn’t been brave enough to share my writing with anyone outside of my inner circle of friends and family.

Isn’t it funny how when we are gathered together it is so much easier to be brave?

So today I am taking another brave step and linking up with the Five Minute Friday community for the first time, yay!

Yes most people could probably write more words than me in this five minute time frame it’s true.  I am learning though that it isn’t always the comparisons that matter..It is about taking that first brave step…

And maybe just maybe because I took a brave step, someone else will read this and take a brave first step too 🙂

Happy Friday Ya’ll


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Gathering and Taking Brave Steps

  1. Jessie Gunderson (@JessieGunderson) says:

    Sweet, I am “back” too from a long absence blogging and doing FMF.

    I get to where writing seems to private of a thing then Jesus reminds me that I’m his testimony to the world and I’d better share.

    But then I get legalistic with myself and it feels like a leash. So I quit again and Jesus says, “You are my pen. Do this with me, not alone.” And the cycle continues but I wrote one today too so we’re back. Woohoo!

    • sarahalsop81 says:

      Jessie, I am so glad that I’m not the only one starting again so to speak :). You are so right, God has given us each an unique story that only we can share. I pray that we will both use our gifts and story to bring glory to Him.

  2. wisdomfromafather says:

    Welcome to FMF and welcome back to sharing your thoughts through blogging. We all have a story to tell … not about ourselves, but how the Lord works through and in us. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Tonia Bendickson says:

    Stopping by from #fmfparty – Way to go, Sarah – you are SO brave!!! And thanks for letting me know about the blog hop – I’m in Charlotte and know Proverbs 31 friends and didn’t know about this resource. Thank you!

    • sarahalsop81 says:

      Thank you so much Tonia 🙂 Unfortunately Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies no longer hosts weekly blog hops. Although you may want to check out She Speaks at It is an amazing conference for writers, speakers and leaders. I will be there. Maybe I will see you there 🙂

  4. Tiffany @ simplyforone says:

    Welcome!! So happy to have you here. I’m all for brave steps and God has been asking the same of me this year. This is the perfect place to put feet to brave faith and be welcomed with open arms. Blessings to you, FMF neighbor!

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