No longer Hiding

Today I am pulling up a chair and joining the conversation over at Suzie Eller’s blog for #LiveFree Thursday.  The topic of today’s conversation is SHAMELESSShame often makes a person feel she needs to hide.  This concept goes all the back to Genesis, when Adam and Eve hid from God (3:8-10).

I may not have hidden from God intentionally like Adam and Eve did, but I have hidden from God in other ways, and I doubt I am the only one.

Why do we hide from God?

One reason comes to mind because we feel we can’t measure up to God.  That is true we can’t measure up to God.  The amazing truth is you and I do not have to measure up at all.  How is that even possible? His name is Jesus.   God sent Jesus to take our place (John 3:16).   That’s right He came so that you and I would not have not to take the punishment all of us deserved (Romans 6:23).

So what does this mean for you and me?  Jesus took our place so that we could come boldly before God and no longer hide in our shame (John 14:6).  For a long time, I tried desperately to hide my imperfections from God and others.  The more I grow in my faith though, I am finding that it is through those imperfections that God can lead others to Him (2  Corinthians 12:9).

Now when I have an opportunity to share how God has and is working in my life, I seize it. Last year at She Speaks, I had the opportunity to encourage a mom who had a son who uses a wheelchair.  If I was still ashamed of being a person who has physical limitations, I would not have been able to see and seize that opportunity.

I am a unique creation, designed and loved by God just the way I am!  You are too, friend! So what do you say, will you join me on this journey towards embracing who we are in Christ.  No longer hiding…Shameless!

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