So Much More….Family

My Family Thanksgiving 2013

My Family
Thanksgiving 2013

The 6 people and Bokeh (my brother’s dog) are my family or at least they were until we got our newest family member. So who is this new family member…

Her name is Molly

Her name is Molly

I know some people wouldn’t consider a pet a family member, but we do.  If you are my friend on Facebook or Instagram you will find many photos of Molly that will show you how much I love this precious puppy.

God blessed me by allowing me to be born into an amazing family.  One of the things they taught me early in life that I love though is…Family is so much more than the people with whom we share genetics.  Does this mean that I do not love the six people at the top of this post more than anything? Of course not..They have helped me become who I am from day one and I am so incredibly thankful for that.

But from the age of probably four, I remember hearing a song in church, that to this day when I think of the word family, this song plays in my head.

Now it may be because music has been such an important part of our family history, than many words trigger songs for me.  The reason I love this song though goes so far beyond my family history. As a Christ follower, I am a part of a much bigger family than I could have ever imagined.  How cool is that? I mean my best friend as a Christ follower is not only my friend but my sister in Christ as well.

My best friend/sister

My best friend/sister

This became even more important to me after she died, even though I will never see her again in this life, I will see her again in Heaven. We may not have been born sisters, Christ made it possible for us to be the sisters we always were in our hearts.

So whether you have a large family by blood or by the blood of Christ. Family’s come in many shapes, sizes, and way.   Love makes a family, no matter how it happens. If you want to read more about my best friend and our remarkable God story of foe to family click here.

I pray that you are encouraged tonight.  Thank you for stopping by my blog, I hope you come by again soon.


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