More than appearances

messy masterpiece

At first glace, I am a bit of a mess.  I am a 33-year-old female who was born with a disability, which caused me to have limitations; on top of that, I am more than a bit klutzy.  On the outside, I may appear to be just a mix of limitations and many other traits.

Thankfully though, that is not the way that God sees me.  How is that possible you may ask? God is the most masterful of all artists, like many artists, he has a vision/plan for my life (Jeremiah 29:11).  He has a vision/plan for each of His masterpieces! Yes, my friend that includes you.

That is one of the most amazing things about a true artist, where the untrained eye may see a mix of colors and lines, a supposed mess.   Especially if an artist mixes or layers colors, it may not be easy to see the artist’s vision at first.  This is what makes an artist so amazing! He/she can see what his/her masterpiece will look like when it is completed.  God is no exception!

So what does all of this mean?  To the world, you and I may be a mess (at least on the surface).  There are going to actually be days where you and I are a mess.  Does that mean that God cannot use these messes? No way.  God often uses our messes and the situations that were meant to bring each of us down for our good (Romans 8:28).

I don’t know about you, but today I am glad to be messy masterpiece.  Why is that? The reason is if I am still a mess, then God is not finished yet.  I find hope in that because He has begun this work in me will be faithful to complete it (Philippians 1:6).

So that’s why I see myself as God’s Messy Masterpiece.  I hope I have encouraged you tonight friend.

8 thoughts on “More than appearances

  1. Jennifer says:

    You are such an encouraging writer Sarah. Sometimes it’s hard to see in ourselves the glimpses of the masterpiece that is being created. Thank you for reminding me to focus on the beauty of what God has created in us.

  2. Gayl says:

    I absolutely loved reading your post! I love your analogy with an artist. It’s so true. If we were to look at some of the first stages of an artist’s piece we might wonder if anything good will come out of it, but as the artist continues to add layers, the piece transforms before our very eyes. It’s so true, that God, the Master Artist, is not finished with us. He is constantly molding and making us into the person He is calling us to be, and that is a beautiful thing. I’m visiting from Letetia’s Monday linkup. (I’m just a bit late.)

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