Enough For Me


This Thursday some amazing women and I are gathering around the table at Suzie Eller’s to discuss “Validate”. That one single word can be used to describe many different things.

At one time or another almost everyone worries/wonders if he/she is/has enough..What if God asked me to give up everything, would He be enough for me? Enough for me to open my hands and truly trust Him. What then? Here is a little glimpse of my answer/conversation with God.

“Enough For Me”

If all I knew were to fade away…

What then would I say?

Would you be enough me?

Who would I be?

What would it look like if it was just God and me?

So it is with a trembling yet open hand,

That I give myself over to Your Plan.

I give these precious blessings back to you.

Because each one truly belongs to you

No matter what you may do.

For I trust you.

Even  when I doubt,

I know that Your truth will win out.

But what happens when the people I love the most,

Are collections of memories, ghosts..

What then?

I honestly don’t know,

I just pray that You will show me a way to begin,

A way to go.

I know that You will,

I pray  that even on that day, I will remember You love me still.

That you will always be,

Enough For Me…

This journey is far from over for me but I pray,

That you are encouraged today,

 God will help us each find our way,

So why not start today.

3 thoughts on “Enough For Me

  1. Jennifer says:

    These words are music to my ears! You touched on so many things I’ve been going through recently so I thank you for putting this all into one beautiful poem that I can refer back to when I need to — and I know I will!

    • sarahalsop81 says:

      Jennifer, I am so glad! I almost didn’t write it. I am so glad that God pushed me until I did it. Don’t you just love how God does that? He meets us at the place where we need Him the most! Love you, my future fan club president ❤

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