Making Memories In The Midst Of The Run…Run…Run

Summer is here, at least it is here in my part of the world. Yes, school ended early for me this year and I’m loving it so far. Honestly, I think has been one of my favotite starts to summer in awhile . You may be wondering what is so special about this year? In this case, it is not the what it is the who.

I don’t know about you, but in the summer, I have to the urge to run, run, run. You see I am off in the summer because I work for a elementary school. I know the perks of being an instructional assistant. Since I normally don’t have a lot of free time, I tend to want to fill up all that extra time.  

God has been teaching me something as I begin summer vacation 2015. 

 These last few weeks have been busy as usual, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Why is that? God has offered me some amazing opportunities. My cousin Erica and her family came into town. Erica and her family are missionaries in Chile. I love them and their precious children so much. If I had packed my schedule and kept myself run, run, running, I would have missed the opportunity to spend time making memories with my youngest cousins.

   My Cousin Erica and her family I love them ❤

Later that week, I was able to go watch a Minor League baseball game with more cousins.  Our cousin Eric plays for the Syracuse Chiefs.  The Chiefs are the Triple AAA team of the Washington Nationals.  Even though Eric didn’t get to pitch that day, there were many memories made and those are priceless.

  This is just one example of the amazing memories that were made that day.  My favorite thing about this picture, we had not planned for our younger cousin Ben to be a part of it.  I had been trying to get Benny to take a picture with me several times that day…Then as we were taking pictures before leaving, Benny comes over and puts his arm around me.  Sometimes the unplanned pictures are the best, aren’t they? if we had been rushing to get home, we would have missed the opportunity to have this picture taken.  

So I want to encourage you today, leave some room in your schedule. Leave room for making memories even in the midst of the that is Summer. 



Today I am joining Suzie Eller and some amazing friends for #LiveFreeThursday.  You can join in on the conversation as well.  We would love to have you join us.  


7 thoughts on “Making Memories In The Midst Of The Run…Run…Run

    • sarahalsop81 says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by Suzie. I’m still working on leaving for the unplanned. It has been on my mind since I listened to the podcast by Lisa Allen on Compel.

  1. Jaime Wiebel says:

    I love summer and doing things in the summer. I like leaving an open schedule to go where my day is leading me and sometimes those are the best joy-filled places. Thank you for your pictures and your encouraging post.

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