What a way to begin


Here we go..

Today is the first day of 31 days of imperfect progress. Is it just me or does it often seem like any time you take on  a challenge like this, that something almost always goes wrong?

Well friends today is no exception, I had something planned to share  today, until I  got in the car after work… (Insert Dunn Dunn Duh music here) to find that we have no internet connection at home. 

So like a child that is learning to walk gets back up, after taking two steps and ending up landing on her bottom.  I will with the help of my smartphone perservere. 

Though this post may not be exactly what I intended for it to be, it is still progress. 

  • Is there something in your life that isn’t exactly where you’d like it to be today? Mine is I wish my wifi worked so I could be posting from my MacBook instead of my iPhone. 
  • Is there a step you can take tonight to move forward, no matter how small it may be? Using my iPhone is my small step. It would be really easy to say, well I don’t have Internet so I will just skip my writing time for today. I don’t know about you, but each time I make an excuse not to do something, the easier it is continue to put it off. 

So this is tonight’s challenge: let’s throw away our excuses instead of our perseverance. Let’s stand together and cheer each other on as we make imperfect progress each day. 


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