The Power of Community 

I got this amazing graphic in my email this afternoon from Proverbs 31 Ministries, and I knew i just had to use it.  It fits perfectly with what I wanted to share today.  I know when I am trying to move forward, it is much easier to do when I don’t do it alone.


I love the girl in this picture with me.  Her name is Katherine. We have known each other since we were 10 years old at Camp Easter Seal.  The part of our friendship I think I love is we will go on adventures together, that I doubt either one of us would ever do apart.  I like to think we make each other brave. Isn’t it great to have people in your life that help you be brave?  My life would not be the same without her….She understands me in a way few people do.  I’m so thankful to have Katherine in my life. I am so grateful that she reminds me that I never walk this road called life with a disability alone.


The amazing lady in this photo is my sister/friend Christie.  I love her to death!! Not only did I get to grow up with her and her siblings, now we are both in small group together.  I can hardly believe I get to do life with my amazing Girlfriends in Grace. I just love them!! I doubt they even know how much God has used them in my life.  While I was hesitant at first to even bring the idea of a new small group to my church family,  now I wonder why I waited so long.  I’m so thankful for my small group sisters and church family.

I am so glad God made us for community!! I know my life wouldn’t be the same without the amazing people in my life.  I truly believe there is power in community, if for no other reason to remind we are never alone.

I know you may be thinking that is great Sarah, but I don’t have friends or a community.  Let me encourage you friend, I have not always had it either.  For a long time I was afraid to reach out to anyone for fear of rejection.  It’s often hard to seek out community and friendship.  Although I have found that at times, I’ve been seeking it even before I realized it.  While I can’t guarantee that seeking out friendship and community will always lead to a good result… One thing I can guarantee God loves you, and will never leave you, even when you feel alone.

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