Small Victories


Dear Friends,

I don’t usually write my blog posts in the form of a letter, but tonight I feel the need to address each of you individually, yet together. If I could I would hand write a note to each of you, since that is not possible this will have to do.   Six days ago we started this journey of imperfect progress together, wooohoo! 6 days down  25 more to go!! I know 25 seems like a lot, and 25 is a large number, it is true.  However, there was a time when I would not have been able to write for 2 days.  So being able to write for a 6 days is a victory.  It may be a small victory, just because it is small does not make it any less important.  Take it from someone who has always been smaller than most of the people around her, my size or lack there of does not make me any less important than a larger person.  You know what? I have found that the small victories serve as kindling.  Each small victory fans the flame and helps me take another step.

 Tonight’s Challenge: So I am asking you, will you celebrate with me? If there is a small victory in your life I can help you celebrate, won’t you share it in the comments.

Friend, I am so thankful that we are on this journey together ❤  Let’s celebrate each victory no matter how small!!

By His Grace,



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