Roadblocks and Restarts 

All throughout life we will all suffer setbacks or obstacles. This week was no exception. One night I sat down to write my post for the day, I was so excited the words just flowed from my fingers on to the screen.  Then the unthinkable happened… Just as I finishing and scheduling the post, the whole screen went blank. Okay so maybe this isn’t an unthinkable situation, but when you’ve worked all day, then spent two hours typing a post, then it was just gone!  It was definitely frustrating and tear worthy.

The good part about an ongoing challenge or goal is tomorrow is a new day.  You know what that means don’t you?  That’s means that despite the roadblocks I have had this week,  I can choose today to continue this journey of imperfect progress, and so can you.

Oh and before I go, I want to tell you the amazing end of the story…I had looked for the missing post several times, then last night when I was going to retype it, it appeared on my new blog post.

Don’t give up friend even when you experience roadblocks or setbacks.  Each day is a new chance to begin again….

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