At My Own Pace


Yes the baby in the picture is me, just in case you were curious.. Since the day I was born, God has had me on my own unique schedule.  What do I mean by that? Well I was due to born in February of 1982, yet I arrived on the scene in December of 1981.  While my early arrival was not what my family had planned.  God is continually reminding me that no detail of my life, was ever off of schedule.   How can I say that? The answer is simple, I believe this to be true…  God knew and loved me, before anyone else.

11998090_10153213230958067_1982949932_nThe amazing part is it is true for you too, friend.  Whether you are in a place where you love God or not, He loves you.  He always has, and always will.  Yes it really is that simple.

I know you may be thinking, but Sarah I am not where I want to be in my ________.

  • Faith
  • Writing
  • Insert your my here

Can I encourage you friend? God knows and loves you right where you are at this very moment.  He knows each of us moves at her own pace and it is okay.  It is my hope that you rest in the knowledge tonight.  Knowledge that you are loved no matter where you are tonight.  So whether you are keeping up with those around you or setting your own pace, I know this to be true you (yes, you!) are loved and valued.


One thought on “At My Own Pace

  1. Crystal S. Hornback says:

    So grateful for this truth, Sarah! My youngest daughter was due in Feb. and was born in Dec. as well! I’m so very grateful for the miracle of her life, and rejoicing over yours, as well, beautiful girl! #livefreeThursday

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