Adventures in thankfulness

Today I am thankful for adventures… Yes even the adventures when I am not sure where God is taking me or why He is taking me to a particular place. How is that possible? The truth in this picture is how it is possible.

Verse Image from the Youversion app

I truly believe that no matter where I go in life, God is leading me.  The biggest adventure I can think of and the best example is going away to college.  Going away to college may not seem like a big adventure to some people, and it may not be for most people.  For me however, it was a big adventure and leap of faith.  You may be wondering how is going to college could be an adventure/leap of faith? Well let me tell you…

  1. Indecisiveness: I was still deciding which college I would attend up until several months before I needed to transfer schools to finish my degree after earning my associates degree.  Have you ever felt that way? You know you need to make a decision, but you keep putting it off? I think most if not all of us have at one time or another.

2. Fear/Excitement: Once I finally decided which school I was supposed to attend the fear/excitement began. Excited that I was going on this new adventure 5 and 1/2 hours from home.  Yet it still slightly frightening…Especially when you take into consideration the fact that I would need other people to help me and I knew no one in Bluefield (the town) or at Bluefield College (my alma mater).

Then the adventure actually began in August 2002, I moved into my room on the beautiful campus of Bluefield College.  You know what I found when I got there? God had been preparing me and others for this very adventure.  How do I know this is true, God provided. Whether it was a friend bringing me food in the snow or the many trips to Wal-Mart I never lacked for anything.

While I was not sure that Bluefield was the right college/adventure at first, I am pretty sure that I would not be who I am today at least in part to my adventures in Bluefield.

Be encouraged, friend.  If you feel God leading you on a possible new adventure, all you need to do is be obedient.  Even if you are uncertain in the beginning it is okay, you may find you are extremely thankful for it later.

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