Answering and Educating


I know that there are people who have similar conditions to mine who will disagree with what I am about to say and that is okay. I am speaking from my own experience . Tonight I am thankful to have the ability to educate others.  I especially enjoy answering the questions that often come from the mouths of some of the smallest humans in my life,  and no I am not being sarcastic at all. Why in the world would I enjoy answering the questions little kids ask?

Over the years I have discovered several things about young children…

  • Inquisitive Nature: When young children ask me about my disability or wheelchair it is not out of meanness/cruelty,  He or she most often just wants to know/understand.
  • Honesty: I love the pure honesty of children.  They often ask the questions we (adults) would like to ask but are afraid to ask ourselves.
  • One Answer: For most kids, I only have to answer his/her questions once and he/she accepts it, and hopefully will learn that being different isn’t bad.  The last part of that sentence is what I hope children learn from me, that we are not all the same and that’s all right.

As I have said before, I would not have chosen this life for myself, I am so thankful that God can use me to educate others.  It is really is okay to be different, friend. God loves you just the way you are


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