Pressing Through

I was listening to Chip and Joanna Gaines earlier this week, and she said sometimes we just have to “press through”and I was inspired.  It is easy to press through when the next step or the end result is visible, right?  When you know you only have one more day of school, it is much easier to face whatever the day might bring…Can I get a woohoo, for the end of the school year? Haha.

What about when you cannot see what you are working toward?  Often I feel like a little bit lost…What about you, how do you feel when you do not know what to expect?

What if you have someone or something that always remained the same? Would you be empowered to keep pressing  through when life gets murky if you knew there was always someone you could count on? Well guess what there is…


I know this is hard to remember when you are in the middle of something. Can I share something with you? I’ve learned that even when I can’t feel God, He is still there.  Sometimes I just need to keep pressing through…

Is there something you are pressing through today? Remember you are not going through it alone.  i would love to pray for you today, you can leave them in the comment section of this post.

3 thoughts on “Pressing Through

  1. Ruth says:

    Beautiful, truth-filled words. Thank you so much for reminding me to keep ‘pressing through’ and of God’s unchanging character and love for me.


    Ruth 🙂

  2. bcb0 says:

    One Woohoo from me for the end of the school year. \o/
    So thankful for a God who meets us in the middle and walks through with us, even when we can’t see the road in full. Don’t know where I’d be without Him. 🙂 Good to visit with you today. 🙂 ((grace upon grace))

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