This week’s word for MTC (Made to Crave) is Courageous.  When I looked up the definition of courageous, I have to say, I was a little disappointed. According to Mr. Webster, courageous means, “ having or marked by courage”. I was taught in English class not to use the same word or a form of the word as the definition, I think.

I don’t know how you define it, but for me, being courageous means more than just having courage.  So what does it mean to me?

For me, courageous can take on several different forms:

1. The Unlikely Hero:

A. David: He was still very young when he killed Goliath (1 Samuel 17:42).  When no one else would David did, and killed him (1 Samuel 17:51).

2. Even When Afraid:

A. Moses: He was afraid to go to Pharaoh and ask the he release the Israelites from Egypt (Exodus 3:11). Moses asks God to send someone else (Exodus 4:13). He is concerned that people will not be able to convince anyone, so Aaron goes with Moses to speak for him (Exodus 4:16).  Yet it is Moses, that performs signs/miracles with his staff (Exodus 4:17).

3.   The Resolute:

A. Daniel: Even though, he could have gotten into trouble, Daniel refused to defile his body with rich food (Daniel 1:8).  He could have gotten others in trouble as well (Daniel 1:10)

The common thread I see in all three of  these cases, is that they were able to be courageous when each one was obedient to God.  Have you ever had that happen? You are unsure about taking a courageous step of faith? I have.

My most courageous step of faith I can think of is sharing my writing. That may not seem like a step of faith to you, but for me it was.  I was like Moses at first, and I tried to tell God that no one would want to read what I have to say.  Well I was wrong, people do read what I write.  I may not be a well known writer yet, but I am glad I was courageously obedient.  Why you may ask? If I had not been obedient, I would not be here to share life with each of you.

Is there an area of life where you need to be courageously obedient? If so, I pray that God gives you the courage to take a step of faith, toward courageous obedience.


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